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Super 30 Full Movie 720p | Download Now

Brilliant mathematician Anand Kumar helps 30 smart but underprivileged students prepare for entrance exams for the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Release date: 12 July 2019 (India)
Director: Vikas BahlMusic
director: Ajay-Atul
Production companies: Reliance Entertainment, Phantom Films, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

The film has always given hope and inspiration to the audience with film heroes and unique stories. There is no double opinion that the cinema has affected the general public very much, but when the opposite turns right, the sight becomes something more pleasant. Stories of real life heroes reach people through films, and the audience is shocked to see how these unsung heroes have changed society. This is the story of ‘Super 30’, which is based on the life of well-known mathematician Anand Kumar.

Anand Kumar is a teacher of Patna’s mathematics, who gave free coaching to the underprivileged children of the lower classes and gave their path to IAT. At the time when Education Minister Shriram Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) Anand Kumar (Hrithik Roshan) is giving Ramanujan medal for the competition of mathematics, Anand Kumar’s eyes are on the hand book of the man standing beside him. Anand Kumar is called for admission in Cambridge University on the basis of his intelligence and hard work, but poverty prevents his way. Unfortunately for not sending the son to Cambridge University, Anand Kumar’s postman eats father’s father (Virendra Saxena) and sells him to Papad to extinguish the fire of his stomach. His girlfriend Ritu (Mrinal Thakur) also turns his face away.

Then one day, Anand Kumar is presented by Lallan ji (Aditya Shrivastav) as the star teacher of his coaching classes, and then on the day of Anand Kumar’s poverty, Amiris turn into Ash, but one day he realizes that he is the only King The children of the children are engaged in making kings. To carry forward the tools like Arjuna, its thumb is being cut by making Eklavya. Just after that, Anand Kumar’s thinking changes. She starts the ‘Super 30’, through which she decides to make 30 such children prepare for the IIT, who have the passion to get education but not the instrument. In this decision, his brother Pranav Kumar (Nandish Singh) gives him his full support, but his decision proves very full of thorns.

The first half of the film of director Vikas Bahal is quite simple, but in the second half the story is slightly melodramatic. He has kept the controversies related to Anand Kumar away from his story, so the allegations related to him do not get any response in the film, but there is no doubt that the struggles of Anand Kumar’s life, his emotional relationships with the family and the poor children He has taken the responsibility of raising the IITI from the path through his guidance.
The development of hunger, helplessness and their inventions of ‘Super 30’ children has been thrown emotionally in the story. Dialogues such as ‘King’s son will not be king’, ‘objection is born,’ the dialogue forces force to beat. Climax could be more effective.

Hrithik Roshan, after understanding the character of Anand Kumar’s character, has completely mingled in it. However, a few minutes of the beginning, when we see this super star called this Greek god speaking native language in Tan and D-Glam incarnations, then it seems a bit different, but then Hrithik with the character and story on his capable acting Compatibility takes place. They take us on a journey that gives hope to tears.

Mrinal has made his appearance in a small role. Nandish Singh is very fit in the role of Pranav Kumar. As Education Minister, Pankaj Tripathi has done a lot of fun. Virendra Saxena’s acting heart touches the heart as a father. Aditya Shrivastav, Amit Sad and Vijay Verma have done a good job.

In the music of Ajay-Atul, Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal sing, ‘Jungerfiya’ has become a melodious song. The song is tenth on the chart of Radio Mirchi.

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