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Housefull 4 Full Movie Leaked

It is not wrong to capitalize on the franchise of your superhit films, but the masala served in front of the audience in their name must be such that it can give them a spicy recipe for entertainment. Something similar does not appear in Housefull’s franchise Part 4. A total effort has been made to build Housefull 4 on the lines of Part 3. This is the reason why despite many new comedies of Comedy, due to the weak story, the film could not prove to be the treasure of laughter that was expected.
Due to his habit of forgetting, hairdresser Harry (Akshay Kumar) takes five million dollars of dangerous mafia don Michael (Manoj Pahwa) as clothes and washes them in the washing machine. Just then, Michael falls behind the lives of Harry and his friends Max (Bobby Deol) and Roy (Ritesh Deshmukh). To make money, these three billionaires plan to marry Thakral (Ranjeet )’s three beautiful daughters Kriti (Kriti Senan), Neha (Kriti Kharbanda) and Pooja (Pooja Hegde). When he comes to Sitamgarh, India from abroad for the wedding ceremony, Harry remembers that he was Bala Dev Singh, the prince of Sitamgarh, about 600 years ago in 1419.

This reminds him of his trusted servant Pasta (Chunky Pandey). When Harry realizes that in this birth, he is going to marry his former birth sisters instead of his former birth daughters, he reminds his friends and his girlfriends how Kriti was the last born princess in honey , Bangaru, the guru of Roy dance, was Dharamputra, the bodyguard of Max Princess and Neha was Princess Meena while Neha was Princess Mala. The screw in the story comes when Gama (Rana Dugubatti) Pappu Rangeela and Raghavan (Sharad Kelkar), two other characters of previous birth, also arrive in Sitamgarh in this birth. The story of incomplete love and revenge of the previous life is fulfilled in this birth or not, you will only know after watching the film.

Director Farhad Samasi resorted to rebirth and the confusion between the characters of this birth to produce comedy. In this, he has also thrown many childish punches with mindless comedies, which if you look irrational, can make you laugh, but completely fail to tie it. The first half is better, but the story starts swinging in the second half. Panches lose their influence. The climax is extremely childish.
All the actors have done a good job in terms of acting. Akshay Kumar has proved to be hilarious in both the characters. In bald look, he entertains due to his perfect comic timing. Ritesh Deshmukh is an expert in such zanana characters and has done justice to his roles.

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