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Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai Movie Review | Watch Online

We are the first to remember Nasruddin Shah on hearing the name ‘Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai‘! Director Shaheed Mirza’s 1980 film is the story of the common man’s anger towards the system. This film by director Soumitra Ranade has now come in the name of this excellent film in the year 2019! Now that he has named this film the same, it is obvious that he must have put some thoughtfully.

Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai Movie Review

The only thing common in both these films is that when one uses a common man for his own benefit, he finds himself desperate and helpless. No matter how angry he gets in his hands! Apparently according to 2019, the treatment of the film has changed according to today, but the basic feeling is the same!

This is the story of Albert Pinto who suddenly disappears for 1 day and his girlfriend and family are making frequent trips to the police station to find him. Albert Pinto is saddened by the suicide of his father, who is falsely accused of bribery. However, away from this-worldliness, Albert Pinto has left for Goa to do his first job as a hitman where two people responsible for the scandal are killed by his father. He is accompanied by another hitman in this journey – Saurabh Shukla.

Talking about acting, Manav Kaul has given excellent performance. There was a lot of scope to play in this character and the man took full advantage of it. Nandita Das is a capable actress, she does the best she can, as well as Saurabh Shukla in a different style.

As director, Soumitra Ranade manages to convey to the audience the original spirit for which both Albert Pinto is known! He has treated the film in a very different way, which is commendable. The way he created the character of Nandita Das, this experiment is unique.

Overall Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai is a good film. If you like to watch films out of the box, like to watch movies of social concern then you can go to see this movie!

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